Robert Griffin III doesn’t see Ravens drafting Lamar Jackson as ‘shot at me’ or Flacco

After a brief hiatus, Robert Griffin III is an NFL quarterback again. By the sound of it, he’s just happy to be back in the league again, even if he’s firmly positioned behind Joe Flacco on the Ravens ‘ depth chart and suddenly in a fight with rookie Lamar Jackson. When RG3 signed on with the Ravens at the beginning of April after sitting out the 2017 season, he immediately became the frontrunner for the backup job.

One (reporter) asked me if I was trying to showcase for other teams. No, my focus is, ‘I’m a Baltimore Raven. I’m showcasing to them that this is where I’m supposed to be.’ He’s just happy to be back in football. It feels good to get back and intertwined with a team,RG3 said. That’s what I’ve been used to all my life. But to get back, be out here playing, I can’t even describe that feeling. I can’t put into words how Ravens Cheap Jerseys grateful and excited I am to be back playing football.Now, compare RG3’s response to Flacco’s initial response — rather, his lack of a response, as our John Breech explained earlier this month:

Flacco hasn’t given an interview since the Ravens selected Jackson, and it’s starting to seem like he may not he thrilled with the team’s choice. First, there was the draft event last Saturday where he shot down reporters who were trying to get his reaction to the Jackson pick. That was interesting, if only because Flacco almost never passes on an opportunity to talk to the media.

Third-year linebacker Cory Littleton is calling plays for the first time after moving inside. Second-year outside linebacker Samson Ebukam was paired with rookie defensive end Justin Lawler to form the main pass rush tandem during a team period Tuesday, with rookies Trevon Young, John Franklin-Myers and Brian Womac seeing significant action behind them.

Mitchell, who played four years with McNabb in Philly and is pretty much only known for the fourth-and-26 catch he made late in the Eagles’ division playoff win over the Packers in January 2004, likes to remind everyone of his feud with McNabb from time to time. Mitchell was serving a 37-month prison sentence for federal tax fraud in 2015 when McNabb was arrested on DUI charges in Arizona. His reaction?

Tell him we got a cot in here for him, he told a Philadelphia radio host in 2016, adding that he went to great lengths to get on McNabb’s good side, even offering to babysit his children.

Last year, Mitchell got in a few more shots at McNabb in a Twitter chat with, of all Miami Heat Cheap Jerseys people, former Phillies center fielder Lenny Dykstra.

The world keenly awaits the next installment of Mitchell vs. McNabb, when FredEx talks to the drive-through server at Burger King about that one time McNabb didn’t invite him to a cookout at his house.

The Oakland Raiders could be one of those teams.

He may be done, but injuries may have contributed to his poor 2016 and there are plenty of pass rushers who have continued to find production into their 30s. If a team could snag Williams on a cheap, one-year deal, they may get a rotational pass rusher worth a handful sacks.

The Oakland Raiders could be one of those teams. The defense has few pass-rushing threats after Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin, and it could stand to bolster its front seven with a rotational rusher. Trent Cole Miami Heat Cheap Jerseys and Elvis Dumervil are other options, but Williams has the strongest career résumé.

Barnidge’s hunt for a new team was delayed because he opted to enjoy some of his offseason and attend the Kentucky Derby. Before that, he visited the Buffalo Bills, and the Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos are other teams that have shown interest.

All three make sense, but the Broncos are the team with the least proven commodity at tight end. There are currently eight tight ends on Denver’s roster — including fifth-round pick Jake Butt — but the likely starter is Virgil Green, a seventh-year veteran who set a career high with 237 yards in 2016.

When Ryan Clady’s option wasn’t picked up by the New York Jets, he looked like a plug-in starter at offensive tackle who wouldn’t stay on the market long. He had a visit with the Seahawks — a team in need of Make Cheap Jerseys Online offensive line help — but didn’t get scooped up.