Former Chiefs DB Sanders Commings eyes switch to baseball

Tim Tebow isn’t the only former NFL player attempting to make the switch to baseball this spring.

Sanders Commings, who had an injury-marred stint with the Chiefs after a standout career at Georgia, is working out in Arizona and could sign with a major-league organization soon, according to Fox Sports.

Commings has a more robust baseball background than Tebow, who signed with the Mets last fall. The defensive-back-turned-outfielder hit .520 as a senior at Westside High School in Augusta, Ga., and was the Diamondbacks’ 37th-round pick in the 2008 MLB Draft.

Torre emphasized the change is on a trial basis intended to allow officials to study in-game consequences.

But while the rule itself, which is not yet finalized, seems to have good intentions, like speeding up the game, it will infuriate baseball purists.

The rule also changes the ways the game is played.

If a runner automatically trots out to second base, would teams just bunt with their first batter? Advancing the runner to third with one out will be a very popular managerial model.

“What really initiated it is sitting in the dugout in the 15th inning and realizing everybody is going to the plate trying to hit a home run and everyone is trying to end the game themselves,” Torre said. “I don’t know what inning is the right inning. Maybe the 11th or 12th inning. But there are a number of reasons.”

This rule likely won’t make its way in MLB for many years, if ever, largely Extremely Cheap Jerseys because it will take an overwhelming amount of player support.

Injuries kept his NFL career from taking off. He broke his collarbone in training camp as a rookie and broke his ankle in camp the following summer before being waived by the Chiefs before the 2015 opener. All told, he played in just two regular-season games.