Leonard Fournette won’t surpass 1,000 yards.

Nobody without a Dirty Bird tattoo would have predicted that a stagnant, oft-disappointing Falcons team would have challenged for the Super Bowl before the 2016 season, but that’s exactly the problem with season previews and predictions. Suggesting what’s most likely to happen doesn’t offer much help given the utter randomness and variance inherent in a 16-game season. Every team’s best-case scenario is worth considering.

You know he takes a lot of risks. You want to bait him into it because he takes the bait. That’s what I saw on film. And talking to my [teammates], they said he will throw it to you. Bait him into it and make it look like it’s open and he’ll give it to you. Also, you don’t know which Cutler you will get — amazing Jay, or the Cutler we played against.

But the best linebackers of football today are those who can channel the aggression and violence of the game without crossing the line. That’s something that Burfict has struggled with.

The rookie RB might get 250-plus carries, but the Jaguars didn’t do much to address an offensive line that has not been very good in the run game over the past two seasons (22nd in rushing in 2016). As good as Fournette might be, he won’t have success if the line struggles. — Mike DiRocco

The Titans will not only make the playoffs and win the AFC South for the first Cheap Jerseys Authentic time since 2008, but they’ll also win a playoff game for the first time since 2003.

A strong offensive line and powerful run game has the Titans built to win Cheap Hockey Jerseys Custom close games and ugly winter matchups in January. — Cameron Wolfe

Jamal Adams clarifies ‘die on field’ remark was about being ‘passionate’

Jamal Adams is backpedalling after he received backlash for saying the football field was “the perfect place to die.”

The Jets rookie was responding to a fan’s question at a fan forum relating to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disorder that has been linked to head injuries, when he made the comment.

McMahon said Strzelczyk acted moody and irrationally, common symptoms of CTE, and sometimes scared their son and daughter. Both children have struggled emotionally following his death.

“I bet my kids would want their father here,” McMahon said. “I know in my heart of hearts that Justin would have wanted to see his daughter get married someday or see his son graduate from college, not dying on a football field.”

Goodell said he understood Adams made the remarks — which were cheered by fans at the forum — out of his passion for the game. The rookie safety, selected out of LSU No. 6 overall, made the remarks at a fan forum for Jets season-ticket holderss.

Goodell told fans there is work to be done in improving safety and educating players.

“Players now are doing a great job of raising their hand when they don’t feel right,” Goodell said (via the Chicago Tribune). “Teammates are raising their hands, officials, coaches. We have Cheap Jerseys China backup plans with video. I think all of that is part of a culture change to say, ‘It’s great to Cheap Jerseys Authentic be a hard-nosed player, but you play within the rules, and you also play as safely as possible.’