Terrell Owens says he’s boycotting HOF enshrinement for those who had to wait

Soon-to-be Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens hadn’t said much to explain why he’s not attending the enshrinement ceremony. Some think he won’t be there because none of his former teams will foot the bill for a lavish party. Some think he’s miffed that the Selection Committee passed over him twice. Some think he’s particularly upset about the things that specific voters Cheap Jerseys And Jordans had said about him to justify making him wait.

Many will say this isn’t Owens’ real motivation, and that he concocted it because it seems far less selfish and (as Dick Vitale — yes, Dick Vitale, for some reason — has repeatedly said) childish if Owens has a cause bigger than himself. Regardless, it’s now clear that T.O.’s two-year wait influenced his decision heavily, and that if he’d been inducted on the first try (like Randy Moss was), Owens would probably be showing up.

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