Joe Thomas taking his time with broadcasting offers

Joe Thomas knows he’s finished with football, and likely to end up in broadcasting.

But the former Browns left tackle wants to take some time to find the right fit for what should be a successful second career.

I’ve had some offers from FOX [and] some other networks for doing it this fall, but I think right now I just want to take time away, step back, not overcommit myself this fall, Thomas said, via Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin. It’ll be my first year away from football in a long time, so I’d rather just take little bites at the media/broadcasting apple and then see where I am at this point next year and see if it’s something I want to do.

I think what Joe said was accurate. I’m obviously very green — no experience whatsoever as a color analyst — so for me, I wanted to just show up, show my personality as much as I could and then hopefully people could see that there was something in there that they could take that rough diamond and give me some practice and turn me into somebody who could be good.

As a guy who speaks in paragraphs rather than phrases, Thomas said he needed to learn to get to his point quickly. But it’s clear that he has promise, and will have more opportunities in the future.

Jackson, 30, has played some safety in the past, but his 108 career starts came at cornerback. The Texans, though, needed reinforcements after Andre Hal was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Hal started all 16 games at free safety last season.

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There are plenty of questions to be answered, beginning with the unrecognized substance that he tested positive for. But there were also apparently some mishandling of paperwork.

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