It’s tough to explain as far as exactly what we’re looking to be because we’ve changed a lot of our personnel and every week is so different.

You’re playing all of these different styles of teams and you have to be able to morph into what you need to do to win that game.

If that sounds eerily similar to Bill Belichick’s opponent-specific approach, it’s no coincidence. Gase’s football philosophy has been influenced by his dynastic AFC East rival.

The beginning of my career was [Alabama coach] Nick Saban, Gase explained. I think Mike Martz had a big impact on me. Then you look at, I think, Josh McDaniels had a big impact on me. And two of those guys are from that tree. That has allowed me to kind of learn from their experiences.

When Mike Pouncey gets released, that’s not easy to go through. It’s horrible. That’s somebody that this organization has been with for a long period of time…. All he’s been trying to do is help this organization win. He’s given everything he has to it. And when that time comes and we wend up doing that, that’s a brutal phone call to have to make and have that conversation.

2. If free-agent quarterback Jay Cutler resumes his 2017 plans to enter the broadcast booth, Gase expects his formal pupil to pull no punches:

The Giants are trying to rebuild there with new left tackle Nate Solder and guard Patrick Omameh, and giving restricted free agent center Brett Jones the second-round tender means they intend to keep him.

But with Weston Richburg signing a huge deal with the 49ers and Justin Pugh visiting the Cardinals today, the race is on for the linemen from last year to find jobs.

The statement denied any wrongdoing on Beckham’s part and said he will challenge all claims because it amounts to a shakedown attempt.

This is a clearly frivolous lawsuit, the statement reads. We’ll see him in court.

One area where Beckham and Temple appear to agree is that Beckham did not participate in any alleged beating or fight.

Even though Mr. Temple agrees that Mr. Beckham was in no way involved in the Really Cheap Jerseys physical altercation, neither as a participate or as an instigator, he nevertheless demanded money from Mr. Beckham and has now filed a meritless suit against him, the statement Super Cheap Jerseys China read.

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