College Football Playoff picks after Week 6

Iowa State’s stunner over Oklahoma shakes up the playoff picks as the Sooners are out, making way for a couple newcomers.

Georgia earns its way onto three ballots following a 45-14 win over Vanderbilt. TCU added another impressive win in a back-and-forth battle with West Virginia to become the Big 12’s lone unbeaten.

With the first official College Football Playoff rankings less than a month away, how would our experts rank the playoff contenders if the season ended today?

“Listen, no one is ever going to do anything to harm a kid,” Leach said in between personal tales of SMU “slicking up” the stairs that led to their outside-the-Ford Stadium facilities and having to climb atop lockers to address his team at Baylor’s now-demolished Floyd Casey Stadium. “But they might make them sweat a little more than they’d like. And I might make you sweat a little more when you come to see me.”

Dooley gets the final word, sounding an awful lot like his old friend Hayden Fry whenever he was asked about Kinnick Stadium’s pinkaliciousness.

“If I’ve got you thinking about air conditioning, narrow staircases and a stinky latrine, then guess what? You aren’t thinking about how you’re going to beat me. And that’s the whole NFL Jerseys Authentic point.”

“I just write down my general feelings and thoughts and things I want to research Basketball Jerseys deeper,” Chayka said.

Early on, Chayka seemed pleased with Demers, the puck-moving defenseman acquired from the Panthers for forward Jamie McGinn in mid-September. Chayka noted the way that Demers almost effortlessly moved the puck up the ice on two breakouts.

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