You just didn’t expect it to ravage the Hawks this quickly.

The way the Cavaliers muted Horford in two straight postseasons surely impacted how Atlanta weighed his free agency in 2016, and signing Howard seemed like a direct response to Cleveland. Still, it was a bit of uninspired conventional thinking. Atlanta knew by midseason it wouldn’t work; otherwise, the Hawks wouldn’t have traded Korver to Cleveland itself!

The Hawks as we knew them had multiple factors contributing to their death, but the lack of vision on what to do once they found success is the clearest cause. After years of grinding through draft picks and huge contracts, Atlanta finally climbed higher than they had in decades. Unfortunately, they had no idea how to stay there. Now they’ve tumbled down to where they were back when Horford first arrived in 2007.

Time is cruel and unforgiving. It comes for all, some faster than others. You just didn’t expect it to ravage the Hawks this quickly.

Was it fear of another lockout in 2017 that gave the extremely rich pause? The Timberwolves and Nets have nominally been on the market for the last few years — Prokhorov seems to bounce between taking interest in Nets and forgetting he owns them, and Minnesota’s Glen Taylor has unloaded small slices recently. Otherwise, we’ve heard little about potential franchise sales.

The players’ union raised a lot of ruckus about fighting back against owners’ victories in the 2011 lockout aftermath. The union hired firebrand lawyer Michele Roberts, and superstars took over leadership positions.

But the expected war never materialized: Roberts and commissioner Adam Silver reached a deal six months before the 2011 pact expired, keeping the major items intact. Labor peace is the order Cheap NFL Jerseys Embroidered of business. The revenue is pouring in faster than ever as teams rack up broadcast dollars and new arenas open, most with heavy public subsidy. Every investment from Cheap NHL Jerseys the 2010-2013 team sale boom has paid off.

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