Those players are fine but aren’t good enough to be considered movable assets.

As good of a fit as Anthony might be alongside Paul George and Russell Westbrook, a trade with the Thunder makes no sense for the Knicks. The Thunder’s cupboards are scarce with their lack of assets right now, and that’s what the Knicks will be looking for in return for Anthony.

It’s clear Anthony doesn’t want to be there anymore and is open to waiving his no-trade clause for the right situation, so the Knicks do lose some leverage there. But is it enough for them to take back Jerami Grant, Doug McDermott or Alex Abrines in a trade? Probably not.

Those players are fine but aren’t good enough to be considered movable assets. The players who could be considered valuable trade pieces are ones the Thunder can’t consider moving.

Andre Roberson just signed a new deal, so he isn’t eligible to be traded until Dec. 15. Steven Adams is too integral to what the Thunder do defensively for him to be moved. Enes Kanter is a fine player and probably a movable asset, but he’ll cost New York a ton for years to come and isn’t always playable.

Plus, the Thunder already have draft picks for 2018 and 2020 committed elsewhere. Per the Stepien rule, they aren’t eligible to trade another first-round pick until 2022.

Two days into 2017 NBA Free Agency, a few big names have been accounted for.

The Timberwolves finally traded Ricky Rubio, moving him to the Jazz then replacing him on the market with Jeff Teague. The Pelicans made Jrue Holiday one of the league’s higher-paid players, inking him to a five-year, $125 million deal. Paul George, who wasn’t a free agent but might as well have been, got traded to Cheap Jerseys Promo Code the Thunder to join Russell Westbrook; Blake Griffin signed a 5-year max to stay in Cheap Jerseys PlUS Los Angeles, and Stephen Curry signed the first-ever supermax deal worth five years, $201 million.

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