The 42-year-old father of five plodded his way to the interview room

The game has giveth money, fame and fortune to Iverson. “My face will bring in checks,” he said. “My legend brings in checks.”

But the game has also taketh.

The 42-year-old father of five plodded his way to the interview room, with an ice pack in tow due to a recent knee injury, after just 11 minutes of halfcourt action.

“I’m not Allen Iverson at 25 any more,” he said. “I’m 42 years old and been away from the game for six, seven years, so for you to think that you’re coming to see a game for Allen Iverson being ‘The Answer’ for real, for real, it’s not going to happen.”

His name was nearly added to the Big3’s list of casualties, which includes MLB Cheap Jerseys Jason Williams, Kenyon Martin and Corey Maggette, who were lost during Week 1. While fighting through a screen Sunday, Iverson suffered a knee-to-knee blow that drew a collective gasp from the fans in the arena. He checked out of the game during the next stoppage in play and later commented how he couldn’t stand up too quickly after sitting down.

“Hopefully this knee don’t linger on because of my old-ass age,” he said.

Paul is one of the purest point guards to take the hardwood the last three decades. Harden is a combo guard whose dangerous scoring ability and vision give him the opportunity to dish more than 10 assists per game. Adding the former Clipper will allow Harden to return to his Oklahoma City roots and play off the ball more. With a passing wizard as his partner, he’ll get cleaner scoring opportunities than ever. Paul, a nine-time NBA All-Defensive team honoree, will also help mitigate his new teammate’s defensive lapses as well.

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