Ray Rice is now an assistant coach at his former high school

Ray Rice is back in football, this time as an assistant coach at his old high school in New York. After volunteering around the school in the past few years, Rice is now an official member of the staff.

“He’s a stud, man,” Saints quarterback Drew Brees told reporters. “He looks the part. It’s been impressive. Obviously, you admire the guy from afar. I’ve played in a few Pro Bowls with him so I do have a little bit of that experience. But there’s something about handing the ball off to that guy and watching him run through the hole and take on anybody who tries to tackle him.

“We’re not in pads right now, but you’re just imagining what it’s going to be like. So, excited for that time to come.”

Oh right … there is that part. The team isn’t even in pads yet.

Peterson spent the first 10 seasons of his career with the Minnesota Vikings, earning seven trips to the Pro Bowl and racking up 11,747 rushing yards and 97 touchdowns on the ground. But he also racked up injuries, including an ACL tear in 2011 and a meniscus tear that cost him most of 2016.

During his short time on the field last season, he managed just 72 yards on 37 carries. Looking impressive in shorts during the spring is one thing, but managing to be effective in the fall is another.

Plus, it’s not like Freeney sits at home eating Bon Bons and sipping sweet tea while Falcons players sweat in the Georgia sunshine. Freeney skipped offseason workouts the previous Cheap Google Jerseys two Cheap Jerseys In US years with Atlanta and Arizona, respectively, before arriving in good enough shape to immediately contribute.

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