The pitchers’ and position players’ meetings are often at the same time

“We have three international players on the team: two pitchers and a position player, and we all share the same interpreter,” Dean said.

Because of that dynamic, he said, there are times throughout the day at the ballpark when the interpreter is unavailable because he is assisting another international player, leaving Dean to fend for himself. One of the toughest times to go without the assistance of the interpreter, Dean said, is the daily scouting meeting the Tigers have before every game.

“The pitchers’ and position players’ meetings are often at the same time, so we have to decide who gets the interpreter for their meeting,” he said. “When we [the pitchers] don’t Cheap La Kings Jerseys have him, we are completely lost in the meeting and will miss out on some pretty important details about the opposing lineup.”

Needless to say, as someone who earns a living by getting batters out, missing NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys the scouting report for an opposing lineup in its entirety is not something that will make your life easier.

Richard spent most of the early years of his career in southern California, but after missing the 2014 season because of a shoulder injury, Richard joined the Cubs in July 2015, just months before the team went to the playoffs.

“Ever since I got there, there was a feeling that something special was going to happen,” he said.

Though the Cubs ran into a buzzsaw in the Mets in the National League Championship Series, Richard said the team had high expectations heading into 2016.